How do Consumers process Exchanges?

Your returns policy needs to be clearly accessible by each consumer (e.g. within 28 days and subject to stock availability). Refer to Onboarding Checklist.

The consumer process is as follows:

  1. Enter the order information.

  2. Select an item to be returned.

  3. Select a reason for the return:

  4. Confirm that an exchange rather than a refund is required:

  5. Once Returns has confirmed that the selected replacement is in stock and within the required price parameters, save the replacement to the order.

  6. Repeat from step 2 as required to select further replacements from the same order.

  7. Once all the replacements have been saved, select the required carrier service or service point:

  8. Once the exchange is confirmed, download and print the label and barcode:

  9. Follow the instructions that come with the label, for example, present the barcode at the service point or fix the label to the front of the package before giving it to the carrier.


In countries that do not qualify for free returns, they will still be able to download a return label, although the cost of carriage will be their responsibility.