Promotional/Operational Message

You can display a message below the header that allows you to:

  • Drive promotional messaging such as discounts, free shipping, etc. (refer to Promotional Example). Or

  • Tell consumers about operational decisions, e.g. the extension of returns windows, etc. (refer to Operational Example).

To add a message, first ensure that you are in Edit Mode and that you have clicked Edit Panel with your mouse over the relevant area of the page (refer to Add Content to your Branded Page).

Under Panel text, you can enter a message of up to 300 characters:



The message will be displayed on a dark grey background. By default, no message will be displayed.

If required, you can add a label with hyperlink, to take consumers to an appropriate URL:



In order for the link to be displayed, ensure that Show link is set to On.

Click Save and close to store your changes.

Promotional Example


Operational Example