Welcome to the Help for Location Services

Learn what this product does, how it works, and how to get set up…

What is Location Services?

Location Services is the solution provided by Metapack to allow you as a service point provider to manage your stores, lockers or parcel shops.

The locations can then be referenced by both Delivery Tracker (to allow consignments for own store locations to be tracked), and Delivery Options (to allow own store delivery options to be returned).

The locations created by Location Services are also used by Delivery Manager for shipping to pickup points where the consumer provides the location ID in the label request.

How can it help me?

Location Services allows you to create locations for your own stores so that you can facilitate the pickup and tracking of orders to your own stores by consumers, and, by extension, increase your footfall.

The latitude and longitude data associated with the location IDs allow the stores to be displayed on a map for presentation to your consumers, together with their opening times.

Refer to Set up your Own Stores for Delivery Tracker and Set up your Own Stores for Delivery Options.

The two ways of setting up Stores

You should work with your Metapack consumer implementation consultant and provide details of your own stores in either of the following two ways:

  1. Use the APIs provided. Refer to API Setup. This is the recommended way of creating locations as it gives you full and immediate control over the updates to the store information via API Maintenance.


    The related instructions assume that you have some knowledge of REST (REpresentational State Transfer) APIs, in particular the use of CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete) operations, via POST, GETPUT,and DELETE (refer to What is REST?).

  2. Generate a file in CSV or JSON format containing details of the own stores for which you require tracking and/or delivery options. Refer to File Import.


    You always need to provide the full list of stores for every file upload. For example, if 6 stores have previously been added and you want to add 4 more, then the file would need to contain the details of 10 stores.