Selected Delivery Window

Returning Home Delivery Options for a specific time slot

You would first set up the relevant carrier 'service group(s)' in Delivery Manager. For example, you might create a group and include in it all those services that offer 'Before NOON' delivery (refer to Setup).

You could then use return type lgg to return the cheapest next available delivery option, and include only the NOON carrier 'service group'. For example:

GET<API-Key>&wh_code=SL123&r_t=lgg&optionType=HOME&c_pc=WC1X 8HN&incgrp=NOON

The following is an example of the server response (assuming a 200 OK status):

    "header": {
        "requestId": "7600153d-b917-4242-ba2c-8151d6fe3112",
        "requestDate": "2020-04-07T16:36:54.654Z",
        "inputParameters": {
            "c_pc": [
                "WC1X 8HN"
            "r_t": [
            "wh_code": [
            "key": [
            "incgrp": [
        "responseDate": "2020-04-07T16:36:54.756Z"
    "results": [
            "groupCodes": [
            "photoUrls": [],
            "telephoneNumber": null,
            "distance": {
                "unit": "m",
                "value": 0
            "description": null,
            "carrierServiceCode": "PLPRE1000",
            "long": null,
            "optionType": "HOME",
            "countryCode": null,
            "storeName": "",
            "shippingCharge": 0,
            "lat": null,
            "delivery": {
                "from": "2020-04-08T07:00:00.000Z",
                "to": "2020-04-08T09:30:59.999Z"
            "address": "",
            "carrierServiceName": "BEFORE 10:30",
            "postcode": "",
            "fullName": "DPD BEFORE 10:30",
            "collection": {
                "from": "2020-04-07T17:30:00.000Z",
                "to": "2020-04-07T18:30:59.999Z"
            "storeId": null,
            "logoUrl": null,
            "storeTimes": {},
            "carrierCode": "DPD",
            "hasDisabledAccess": false,
            "bookingCode": "PLPRE1000/2020-04-07/*-*/*/*-*",
            "cutOffDateTime": "2020-04-07T17:00:00.000Z"

You can now display the option(s) under NOON on your checkout page.