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To view Delivery Options reference documentation, go to It is the most up-to-date low-level information about the API.

What is Delivery Options?

Delivery Options is an API designed for eCommerce sellers. It lets you display relevant delivery choices to consumers browsing your website.

It works by checking which services can fulfil a consumer's order and by what date. It checks aspects such as warehouse operating times, which carriers are enabled, their availability and routing times, and can a service be used for the shipment's weights and dimensions. The results can then be displayed on your product and checkout pages.

This ensures that you only show consumers the services that can fulfil a customer’s orders. Whilst also calculating and displaying accurate delivery dates that you can meet.

Delivery Options integrates with Delivery Manager. This means all your shipping configuration such as carriers, carrier services, and selection rules are automatically reflected on your website.

How can it help me?

Slow, costly, and inconvenient delivery choices are key reasons for online basket abandonment. Delivery Options makes it easy to add the right delivery choices, while ensuring you keep your delivery promises.

Drive footfall to stores

It's been a hard time for stores post the pandemic. Delivery Options lets you enable click-and-collect on your website. This can lower shipping costs and drive footfall to your stores, helping encourage in-store purchases.

Remove delivery anxiety

Scrap estimated delivery dates that can cause anxiety around an order not arriving on time. Let customers know exactly when their orders will arrive by calculating accurate delivery dates.

Reduce web development

Hard-coded shipping into your website requires setting up complex rules to manage options for different dimensions of product. Delivery Options allows you to quickly add and remove services without any web development.

Cut integration effort

Direct carrier integrations can be time consuming to set up and using just one can create risks should it become unavailable. Delivery Options lets you access over 200 carriers and over 3000 services through one integration.

What are the key features?
  • Show delivery choices on product and checkout pages

  • Add collection from 350,000+ pick-up locations

  • Calculate and display accurate delivery dates

  • Integrate your own click & collect and fleet delivery services

  • Warehouse capabilities are automatically reflected on your web front end

  • Display order cut off time counters on the website

  • Only display available services for your customer's order

Getting started

To get started with Delivery Options, there are 5 key steps to follow: