Configuring your Security

Your unique API key is generated automatically following creation of your retailer account. It is needed to ensure that your particular shipping configuration will be used when your delivery options are returned.

Default security is via server-to-server back end API authentication.


Save your API key somewhere safe and avoid hardcoding into your web store. If you lose it, you will need to contact Metapack.

Testing your API Key

We recommend that you test your API key to verify that your authentication has been set up correctly. The full API call format is described in Call Structure but, for the purposes of API key verification, you simply need to enter the following URL into your browser:<API-Key>

If you receive a valid response, your API key has been successfully activated and you can make calls to return delivery options.

If you receive the error message "Invalid or missing credentials. Please contact Metapack for assistance.", then please contact Metapack support.

Getting started