Test your Portal

Once the configuration of your portal is complete, we will give you access to a test version of the portal. This will be  the demo version at first, where we can test your order upload process with dummy data. Once you’re happy, we’ll move you to the production version.

In the production version, you’ll be able to test the instance that you’ll be sharing with your consumers. We’ll be doing some empty box testing on our side to ensure that the carrier services are working correctly.

You should test:

  1. Consumer flow

  2. Email flow

  3. Tracking portal

  4. Reporting capabilities

  5. Lite portal

Once you’re happy, all you need to do is put a link to the Returns portal somewhere. This could be on your website or in your emails. Then we can turn your live portal on and you can start processing consumer returns.


Putting your Returns portal link within your web store can help drive additional revenue, given that consumers wanting to place returns are also liable to make new purchases.