Configure the Portal

Set up the Portal with your Returns Policy
Set up the Portal with your Returns Policy

In order to tailor the returns portal to your specific business needs, we need to capture your preferences and you will be sent a form on which to complete some of the following configuration details:

Returns warehouse(s)

Without this, we won’t know where to send your returns! If you specify multiple warehouses we can route the returns to different warehouses, depending on the country of return.

Returns policy details (URL, policy window)

You will need to have a returns policy page on your website to which we can link. If you are selling to multiple countries you can specify a different return window for each country.

Return reasons

We provide you with a selection of over 100 reasons to choose from, and you specify which ones you want to display:

Carrier services (by country)

We provide you with a list of available carrier services and lanes. It’s up to you to choose the services that are best for your consumers.


You need to provide your own carrier account numbers.

Return method pricing

These are the charges you present to the consumer:


For each different country, we require the currency, and the cost of each carrier service in that currency,

Contact us form

This determines how consumers can contact you:



The form can be configured in accordance with your requirements. You can make your phone number, consumer services email address and/or FAQ page available at the top of the form, or elect not to show any of them.

Communication content

We can change the wording of SMS and tracking emails to suit your needs. A few dynamic variables are available for your use:


Configuration is a really simple process. Expect this to be done in only a week or two!

Setup Checklist

  1. Onboarding

  2. Integrate your Order Feed

  3. Configure the Portal

  4. Test your Portal