Integrate your Order Feed

if you want to offer your consumers the very best returns experience, we would highly recommend that you use the Pro version of Returns and integrate your order feed.

The Lite version allows you to use the Returns portal without any integration, but it means that your consumers will need to enter data manually each time. Refer to the Pro and Lite Versions.

There are three primary ways of connecting to our Pro version of the portal:

We have built plugins for all major eCommerce carts and OMS's to make the integration as simple as possible. There is also an API available if you have a bespoke system.

Users can access their orders in the Returns portal by logging in using an Order number and either email ID or postal code.


Alternatively, you can skip the need for consumers to log in by creating deep links and embedding them directly in your 'My Order' screens within your eCommerce sites or apps,

Once a consumer has accessed their order, then, depending on what data you have shared in your order feed, you can display order details such as:

  • product images

  • descriptions

  • product codes

  • sizes

  • colours

  • quantities

If your order feed contains product images, colour and size data, it will make the Returns portal a much richer experience for your consumers:


Getting started

  1. Onboarding

  2. Integrate your Order Feed

  3. Configure the Portal

  4. Test your Portal