Release Notes for March 2024

Enhancements (Cog_High_Green_Touchup.png) and fixes (Bug_High_Yellow_Touchup_Darker.png) released in March 2024.

Customer Delivery Promise Time now available on Dashboard

A change has been made to the drill through details of the Customer On-Time Delivery dashboard so that the Customer Delivery Promise Time has been added in the underlying parcel data. Now users can compare the delivered timestamp against both the carrier's guaranteed delivery time as well as the end customer's delivery promise time.

Metapack Intelligence

New Delivery Time Dashboard

A new advanced tier dashboard has been made available in the Delivery Time area. This allows users to easily compare all allocated parcels with their respective 1st time delivery attempt and successful delivery timestamps regardless if the parcel was actually delivered or not. This dashboard brings the following benefits:

  • Allows users to see all created parcels (from order placement) and not from manifest. This dashboard also highlights the parcels still in the warehouse and allows the selection of parcels regardless of delivery status.

  • Allows users to visualise the length of time elapsed from 1st delivery attempt to successful delivery.

  • Provides both the 1st delivery attempt and successful delivery timestamps side-by-side in the drill through sub report.

Metapack Intelligence

Deleted parcels are no longer counted in the Parcel Profiling reports

Under certain conditions, deleted parcels from Delivery Manager were being counted and added to the overall parcels counts in the Parcel Profiling reports. This has been resolved so that those parcels that are deleted prior to manifest are no longer counted

Metapack Intelligence