Release Notes for June 2023

Enhancements (Cog_High_Green_Touchup.png) and fixes (Bug_High_Yellow_Touchup_Darker.png) released in June 2023.

Tracking API now supports multi brand shippers.

The API version 1.0.7 automatically replaces the {brandName} token in the exception message of the tracking events with the brand from the parcel journey.

The API version 1.0.9 now accepts a new optional header Shipper-Id when ingesting orders and parcels information.

Tracking API

Tracking API URLs have now been restricted to HTTPS format.

The API version 1.0.8 now requires Collection.storeDetailsURL, Product.pageURL, Images.desktop and to all be HTTPS formatted URLs.

Tracking API

The deprecated NotificationPreferences object has been removed from the Tracking API

The API version 1.0.10 no longer returns the deprecated object Order.notificationPreferences on the Retrieve the parcel journeys for an order or parcel request.

Tracking API

The quality of the Dutch translations has been improved

Five improved Dutch translations have been deployed to Delivery Tracker

Delivery Tracker