Shopify Integration FAQ

Does this integration have any administration capabilities?

No, this integration cannot be used to administer users, data, or other Metapack integrations.

Does this integration require any data migration?

No, data migration issues are not relevant to this integration.

Does this integration support data retention?


Is data stored in Shopify for processing downstream and where?

Yes. In Shopify, the selected shipping option's data is stored in the notes section of an order. There are columns, such as carrier code, carrier service code, booking code, group codes, and delivery date to/from, which store the corresponding carrier details.

Does this integration support data purging?

No. If you uninstall the Metapack Shopify app, data would be deleted from your Shopify account but any orders created while using the app would remain in Shopify.

Can this integration be upgraded, extended, or customised?

After downloading and installing the Metapack Shopify app, you can customise the theme to match your eCommerce websites. If you are a Shopify Plus user, you have greater control over the checkout process so shoppers can skip certain steps, such as skip “Information” page. 

Any other changes to the integration would need to be raised with Metapack as feature requests.

How do I troubleshoot this integration?

Metapack Support and/or your Metapack Professional Services implementation consultant can help you troubleshoot this integration. If there is a problem specific to the Metapack Shopify app, Metapack has a support agreement with the vendor, which will aid resolution.

Who supports this integration?


How do I report a problem with this integration?