Notifications Webhook

The Notifications Webhook allows Metapack customers to configure endpoints to receive high level status updates for multiple carriers in a consistent and normalised fashion. It listens for specific events for a subscribed parcel. Once an event has been received, a standardised payload is pushed to the customer’s specified endpoint(s). This allows customers to then share status updates with their consumers using their own email, SMS or other messaging tooling.

The notifications payload will include data such as the event, event date and time, order number, email / phone number, the carrier name and the expected delivery date (defined at allocation )  and other related information.

In order to work effectively the Notifications Webhook has some constraints:

  • The Notifications Webhook will only provide tracking updates for shipments created on Metapack’s Delivery Manager platform or those posted to our Tracking API by customers in line with our specification.

  • The notifications payload will be standard for all customers; there is no ability to configure the payload.

  • The Notifications Webhook will only react to  a subset of our normalised events, and will send a push every time that event is received for each parcel. Metapack selects the events that are most relevant to offer high level status updates to consumers expecting delivery. We will not ship every event.

  • Metapack is reliant on carriers for quality and timely tracking data. MetaPack will help identify issues and work with customers and carriers to resolve any tracking data quality issues.

  • Metapack’s Notifications Webhook does not send messages directly to consumers. It is the customer’s responsibility to send messages directly to consumers.

  • The customer is responsible for any filtering of any events or updates that it does not want to share with its consumers.

  • Tracking will only be available up to 90 days after shipment.