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What is the Notifications Webhook?

The Notifications Webhook allows you to configure endpoints to receive high level status updates for multiple carriers in a consistent and normalised fashion. 

It listens for specific events for a subscribed parcel. Once an event has been received, a standardised payload is pushed to the specified endpoint(s). This means you can share status updates with your consumers using your own email, SMS or other CRM tools.

The notifications payload will include data such as the event, event date and time, order number, email / phone number, the carrier name and the expected delivery date (defined at allocation ) and other related information.

How can it help me?

The tracking experience is one of the most important aspects of the ecommerce journey and customers expect to receive regular tracking updates, whether this be by email, SMS or both. Failing to provide tracking updates risks negatively impacting customer retention and brand reputation.

By sending proactive notifications to your customers, you not only reduce the number of 'where is my order?' (WISMO) queries but you also increase engagement and improve customer satisfaction by providing a better post-purchase experience.

What are the key features?

  • Works with Metapack's shipping platform or standalone

  • Self-service configuration via our User Interface (UI)

  • Standard Payload

    • Recipient Name

    • Email Address

    • Mobile Number

    • Order Number

    • Estimated delivery date - delivery Window

    • Carrier tracking ID

    • Sender Country Code

    • Recipient Country Code

    • Normalised event code + normalised event description (and date/time stamp of the event)

    • High level parcel journey status code + high level parcel description

    • Exception description ( in case event is an exception)

  • Enriched tracking data

  • Fixed triggers

















  • Metapack ‘listens’ for any event that matches the trigger list of preselected events. If the event belongs to a parcel/retailer that has subscribed to the Notifications Webhook then a set of data is pushed  to the endpoint(s) you've configured

Getting started

To get started with the Notifications Webhook, there are 2 key steps to follow: