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What is the 'Why Not?' function for?

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When using the 'Why Not?' function to analyse the availability of different carriers and services to deliver your parcel you are returned with different answers. This section provides more definition on what these errors mean:

“(Service code) is missing delivery working days so it cannot be used”
This means that the service you have tried to use is not available to deliver there on any day of the week. For example different carrier services deliver on specific days, a Saturday service does not deliver on a Tuesday. Or the service only delivers to certain areas on given days of the week. MetaPack may also use these days of the week to specify the areas that a service does deliver to and therefore the area you are trying to deliver to is not included in this and is not available for delivery.
(Service code) is missing configuration for warehouse (warehousecode) so cannot be used”
This means that the service you are looking to use does not have any configuration against it. You need to follow the carrier configuration FAQ to resolve this.
“(Service code) cannot be used as the insurance value is too high”
This means that the insurance value required is too high for the service. Many carriers have restrictions on the value of parcels that they will take. The options to fix are either to declare a lower insurance value or find another service that will offer the required insurance coverage.
“(Service code) cannot be used as it does not deliver there (area is not included)”
The Service you are choosing is not allowed to deliver here according to the information held in MetaPack based on carrier data required. If you believe this to be erroneous please contact support via the support mail box so that they can investigate.
“(Service code) cannot be used as there is a parcel that is too heavy”
Many carriers have restrictions on the weight of an individual parcel. This error may also be seen if the consignment specifies a high weight and a number of parcels but no parcel detail has been entered. In this situation the individual parcel detail should be altered to show more accurate detail to allow allocation to go ahead.
"(Service code)  cannot be used as a parcel is too long/wide/deep."
This means that one of the dimensions that has been submitted exceeds the maximum allowable dimension for that carrier service. Another service should be sought that can deliver the parcel(s)
"(Service code) cannot be used as there is a parcel that is too heavy for the standard insurance required"
This means that there is a parcel in your consignment that is too heavy for the service that you are trying to select. Many carriers have maximum parcel weight  restrictions.
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