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What are Allocation Rules?

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Allocation rules present an opportunity for retailers to set specific exclusions based on many different criteria such as Delivery Postcode, Consignment Value, day of the week etc.

You can also set limits on despatch volumes by carrier.

Allocation Rules cannot change the attributes of a consignment. For example, it cannot set a consignment to use a POD service. .

How to Configure the Allocation rules:

1) from the Setup Sceen go to 'Configure Allocation Rules'. (You will only be able to see these if you have administrative rights)

2) in the Configure Allocation Rules screen use the drop down menu to set rules as you require.


3) click the add rule button and the rule will be active

Some things to be aware of:

If you are excluding something that starts with eg a postcode there is no need to put an '*' eg, Exclude Carrier X where postcode starts with SW
If you want to exclude secific postcodes then you should put an '*' eg, if you put SW1 it would exclude SW1 & SW15,SW18 etc if you put 'SW1 *' it would only exclude SW1 as a postcode

One should be careful not to Doubly exclude a consignment. eg Carrier X shouldn't deliver to SW and Carrier Y shouldn't deliver if the consignment weights more than 30kg, therefore if you have a 35kg consignment going to SW postcodes you would not have a delivery option!

The Why Not? function will tell you which rule is causing an allocation failure if it is.

You can use the Import/export Functionality to move rules between different live and QA environments.



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