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How do I exclude Carriers from Certain postcodes?

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During busy peak times or adverse weather conditions it might be necessary to exclude some carriers or particular services from delivering to certain postcodes. 

Often this is a bulk list of postcodes

The easiest way to accomplish this is using the steps below:

1) If there are just a few, create the necessary rules in the 'Configure Allocation Rules' Page. (Use the FAQ on allocation rules to learn how to do this.)

Often there will be a large number of Postcodes to exclude, the best method is to build a quick excel template so that you can manage this on a day to day basis depending on weather conditions or daily carrier updates.

The steps are as follows:

1) Create a single rule in the 'Configure Allocation Rules' with the first postcode that needs excluding.

2) Export this rule and Open the csv file that is generated.

it will have 4 columns

#CarrierServiceId LevelId TestExpr ScoreExpr Description

3) you can then create some concatenate formula in Ecxel to get what you want, eg for the test expression


where M$4$ is (carrier.code=="GENERIC")  && like(," , A3 is the Postcode  to be excluded, $M$5 is  *")

this will give a rule saying Exclude Generic carrier if postcode sarts with whatever is in A3

you can then fill this down, you can do the same for the Description so that it is clear what it is doing. and keep all the other columns the same.

Remember that the Postcode will exclude in sveral ways. EG SW15 2QS will exclude just this postcode; SW15* will exclude any postcode starting with SW15; SW1* will exclude any postcode that begins with SW1 including SW1, SW12,SW15,SW18 etc; SW1 * will exlcude postcodes that Start with SW1 only and SW15 etc will still allocate.

4) Once you have merged all the postcodes select ALL of the first 4 columns, copy to a new excel workbook and save as a csv file.

5) In configure Allocation rules 'Import' the saved csv file and the rules will be effective.




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