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How do I add new carriers and services to my MetaPack setup?

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You may have a new contract with a carrier or want to bring in new services to use from an existing carrier that you have.
This is a guide for the steps in the FAQ that you should follow in order to activate the services in the shortest time frame possible.
  1. You will need to follow the FAQ on How can I add a carrier to add the carrier services you require
  2.  You will then need to configure the carrier and/or services. Things to configure are the cut-off times, costs, and depots. There are guides available for individual carriers in the Carrier Configuration FAQ.
  3. Please do not make any configuration changes to Number ranges OR ftp details   
  4. Once you have got this far you will need to contact support at to get them to check the setup and activate the services, please request a change request form, downloadable at the bottom of this page for our records.
  5. Support will then liaise with you to finalise any requirements before the service can be used
If you do not want to add the carrier or service yourself please complete the change request form given below and submit it to who will complete it on your behalf. Please note this is chargeable against your listed CSA rates.
Change Requests to activate services are not chargeable.


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