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Frequently Asked Questions

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 Welcome to our MetaPack Manager FAQ site.

 Here, you will find topical guides and information on common application related issues:

  •  Configuration
  •  Consignment Creation
  •  Consignment Allocation
  •  Label Printing
  •  Manifesting
  •  Tracking 

  If you have any further questions or if you have not found the information you need, please click here and submit your question. 

 Carrier Setup


     What Does a Setup Involve 
     How Do I Add a New Carrier
     How Do I Add a Carrier




 Carrier Service Setup


    How Do I Add New Carriers and Services
    How Can I Set Carrier Cut-Off Times 
    How Can I Set Carrier Depots




 Setting Up Custom Allocation Rules





 Creating Consignments Manually


 How Do I Create a Consignment Manually
How Do I Add a Parcel to a Consignment
How Do I Add a Product to a Consignment




 Order Will Not Allocate


       Why My Consignment Failed Allocation
      Why Not Function
      My Consignment Allocated to a Different Carrier - Why?




Printing Labels Manually 



       Re-printing multiple labels
      Printing a Single Label
      My Labels Did Not Print - What Happened?


Manifesting Manually


   How Can I Manifest A Carrier?
   What Is the Ready to Manifest Section For?
  Failed Manifest - How Do I Re-Send?
  How to Check If a Manifest Has Been Sent?


Checking Tracking Manually


     How Can I Check Consignment Tracking?
     What Do Tracking Statuses Mean?